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R. v. Kirby and Thompson [1820] NSWKR 11; [1820] NSWSupC 11: trial of convicts John Kirby and John Thompson for the wilful murder of Burragong (King Jack), at Newcastle, New South Wales on 27 October 1820. John Kirby was found guilty of Burragong’s murder and was executed. Kirby was the first European in the colony of New South Wales to be executed for killing an Aboriginal person.

Report of the Myall Creek Massacre, 1838
Held by the State Archives of New South Wales, this is one of the first official reports of the atrocity that happened on Myall Creek station on 10 June 1838 when stockmen murdered 28 Aboriginal men, women and children.

In October 1836, William Hobbs became an overseer of Mr Henry Dangar’s three cattle stations on the Big River, one of which was on the Myall Creek (near Inverell). As the first person encountering evidence of the incident [at Myall Creek] and formally reporting it, he became one of the main Crown witnesses in the subsequent murder trials in Sydney. Seven men were eventually convicted and executed for their involvement in the massacre. It was the first time a group of white men were hanged for the murder of Aboriginal people, although the murder of an Aboriginal man by a runaway convict, 1820 had resulted in the execution of an individual (the convict John Kirby).

Hobbs subsequently had difficulty finding employment in the pastoral industry, but he was appointed Chief Constable, Wollombi and McDonald River from 1847-50, Chief Constable Windsor, 1850-64, Gaoler at Windsor 1864-65; and Gaoler at Wollongong from 6 September 1865 until his death on 8 April 1871. A copy of the original report and a transcript can be found here:

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