This proclamation to the Aborigines of Van Diemen’s Land was actually from Governor Arthur, not Davey. The proclamation was supposed to promote harmony between colonists and Aboriginal people, but was ineffectual. Conflicts developed to such an extent that Martial Law was declared.

Some main sources for information about conflicts in Tasmania and their locations in this list include publications such as:

A History of Tasmania, Henry Reynolds, Cambridge University Press, 2012

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Broken Spear: The untold story of Black Tom Birch, the man who sparked Australia’s bloodiest war, Robert Cox, Wakefield Press, 2021

*Clements Compendium:
PDF database of attacks on and by Aborigines in southeast Tasmania, 2021:

Fate of a Free People: the classic account of the Tasmanian Wars, Henry Reynolds, Penguin, 1995 and 2004

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*The Clements Compendium should be read with the list of Some Known Conflicts in Tasmania below, as the Compendium includes more details of violent attacks on Aboriginal people in the Oyster Bay and Big River areas of Tasmania between 1804 and 1831, and of violence against colonists in the Oyster Bay and Big River territories between 1823 and 1831.


For more references and sources see the Bibliography and Journal Articlesalso under Resources in the main menu: Books, Databases, Films, Memorials and Monuments, Podcasts, Videos, and Warriors.

To see a map of conflicts that happened in Tasmania, please follow this link. All coordinates are approximate. This map is still being developed and does not fully reflect the places in the following list because of name changes, difficulty confirming some locations and new research that includes more locations of conflicts between colonists and First Nations people in Tasmania.

Many thanks to readers who email information about colonial frontier conflict sites. Locations will be added to the list below as new information is found and time permits. If you know of incidents that occurred, but are not included in the list below and wish to contact the author of this website, please use the form on the Contact page.

WARNING: Viewing this list may be offensive and upsetting to some readers as it contains placenames and sites where killings took place duing the frontier period in Tasmania.



7 March 1772

Frederick Hendrick Bay, now Marion Bay, East of Dunalley; and North Bay, TAS

Aboriginal man killed in violent struggle between French explorers and First Nations people at North Bay.
Marion Bay was named for Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, the first European to encounter Tasmanian Aboriginal People at North Bay. On 7 March 2022, 250 years after the French first encountered Tasmanian Aboriginal people, Rodney Dillon, Co-chair of the Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance, called for Marion Bay to be renamed to honour the fallen Aboriginal man who was defending his Country, rather than du Fresne. Adam Langenberg has written more about this story on ABC News online, 7 March 2022:

2 January 1804

Port Dalrymple near modern-day Hobart, TAS

5 February 1804

River Derwent, TAS

3 May 1804

Risdon Cove on Risdon Creek off River Derwent, TAS

November 1804

Tamar River (Kanamaluka), (River Tamar), TAS


Tamar River (Kanamaluka), (River Tamar), TAS


River Derwent, Hobart, TAS

2 March 1807

River Derwent, TAS

19 April 1807

Hobart, TAS, on the eastern shore


Tasmania, southern interior 


Tasmania, northern and southern interior


Southern Tasmania

29 January 1810

Blackman's Bay, south of Kingston, TAS


Tasmania, southern interior

November 1815

Oyster Bay, east coast, TAS

8 November 1815

Morgan's property on Scantling's Plains (York Plains), TAS


Hobart, TAS

August 1817

New Norfolk, TAS


York Plains; Pittwater (Sorell), TAS


Near Hobart, TAS

November 1818

Great Swanport (Swansea), east coast, TAS

28 November 1818

10 kms north-east of Triabunna on Grindstone Bay, TAS

13 March 1819

Near Hobart, TAS

13 March 1819

River Plenty (Plenty River), (tributary of Derwent south of) New Norfolk, TAS

18 March 1819

Tea Tree Brush, Eastern Tiers, TAS

20 March 1819

Oyster Bay, TAS

April 1819

Tea Tree Brush, Eastern Tiers, TAS

10 April 1819

George Town (eastern bank of Tamar River mouth), northern TAS

17 April 1819

Junction of Isis and Macquarie Rivers, TAS

18 July 1822

Reiby's farm near George Town, TAS

30 November 1822

Tasmania, the Interior


James Hobbs's farm, Eastern Marshes, TAS

15 Nov 1823

Sally Peak, 10 kms from Bushy Plains, East Coast near Grindstone Bay, TAS


Sorell Plains (now Hamilton), 20 kms north-west of Hobart, TAS

26 March 1824

Mrs Collins' farm, Blue Hills, headwaters, Coal River, north-east of Hobart, TAS

10 June 1824

Jericho, 10 kms south of Oatlands, TAS

16 June 1824

Oaks's farm, Murderers Plain, TAS

15 June 1824

Triffet's farm, Big River (Ouse River), TAS

23 July 1824

Meredith's farm, at Swanport (Swansea), 20 kms north-east of Triabunna, TAS

10 December 1824

Cape Portland (Lumaranatana), 55 kms north-east of Scottsdale, TAS

25 February 1825

Hobart Town Gaol, TAS

13 March 1825

Jonathan Kinsey's farm, Tooms Lake, Upper Macquarie River, TAS

April 1825

Hobbs' farm, McGills Marsh, TAS

September 1825

Green Water Ponds (Kempton), TAS

September 1825

Tasmania, the Interior

December 1825

Dairy Plains, Meander River, TAS


Clarendon, 25 kms south-east of Launceston, TAS


Hobart Town Gaol, TAS

January 1826

Burn, Pitcairn and McCarthy's farm, Clyde River, 10 km east of Bothwell, TAS

14 March 1826 or 1827

Great Swanport (Swansea), east coast, TAS


Penny Royal Creek (now Liffey River) and Macquarie River south of Launceston, TAS

April 1826

Paddy Hart's farm, Oyster Bay, TAS

29 April 1826

Browning and Smith's farm near Bridgewater, TAS

12 September 1826

Mrs Mary Smith's farm, Pipers Lagoon, 40 kms north-north-east of Launceston, TAS

13 September 1826

Hobart, TAS

23 September 1826

Northern Tasmania

10 October 1826

Nicholson and Allardyce's farm on the Clyde River, 25 kms east of Oatlands, TAS

3 November 1826

Thompson and Pitcairn's farm, Hermitage, Shannon River, TAS

7 November 1826

Simpson's farm, Penny Royal Creek (now Liffey River), south of Launceston, TAS

7 November 1826

L. Gilles's farm, Elizabeth River near Campbell Town, TAS

11 November 1826

George Taylor's farm, Millers Bluff (north-west of Lake Sorell), TAS

21 November 1826

John Riseley's farm, Cockatoo Valley near Bothwell, TAS

22 November 1826

Downie's farm about three miles (c. 4.8 kms) from Allenvale, TAS

29 November 1826

Tasmania wide. Magistrates authorised to use force against Aborigines following alleged killing of 18 colonists. Press considers notice a declaration of war.

19 December 1826

Thomas Faro's farm, near Pipers Lagoon, TAS

After 19 Dec 1826

Mrs Smith's farm (location not given), TAS

December 1826–April 1828


December 1826

Paterson's Plains (St Leonards) near Launceston, TAS

9 December 1826

Bank Hill Farm, headwaters of Sorell Rivulet, Pittwater, TAS

March 1827?

Bull's Grant on Middle Plain, Meander River, TAS

Late January 1827

Central Plateau, border of Settled Districts, TAS

1 February 1827

Talbot's farm, St Paul's Plains (Avoca), 50 kms north-east of Campbell Town, TAS

6 February 1827

Dunedin, (New Norfolk?), Norfolk Plains (Longford) south of Shannon Point, TAS

21 February 1827

Eastern Midland Plain, TAS

23 February 1827

Grant's station, Launceston district, TAS

March 1827

Great Swanport (Swansea), near Oyster Bay, TAS

March 1827

Great Swanport (Swansea), near Oyster Bay, TAS

12 April 1827

Mount Augustus, near Campbell Town, TAS

12 April 1827

Rear of David Murray's farm, Elizabeth River, Eastern Midlands, TAS

Early May 1827

Great Swanport (Swansea), near Oyster Bay, TAS

May 1827

TC Simpson's farm, Mersey River south of Latrobe, TAS

May 1827

Sally Peak, 10 kms from Bushy Plains on border of Prossers Plains, TAS

24 May 1827

William Brumby's farm, Lake River, 10 km south of Poatina, TAS

12 June 1827

Dairy Plains, TAS

23 June 1827

TC Simpson's station, Quamby Bluff/Laycock Falls (Liffey Falls), near Deloraine, TAS

23 to 30 June 1827

Meander River, TAS

After 23 June 1827

Laycock Falls (Liffey Falls) at base of Quamby Bluff, south-east of Deloraine, TAS

After 23 June 1827

Quamby Bluff, Western Marshes, TAS

After 23 June 1827

Quamby Brook, TAS

After 23 June 1827

Quamby Bluff, TAS

After 23 June 1827

Western Marshes area, TAS

Late June 1827

Blackman('s) River, TAS

29 June 1827

Herbert Chapman's farm, Glenmore (Long Swamp), 5 kms south of Westbury, TAS

End of June 1827

Field's Station, Quamby Bluff/Laycock Falls, TAS

1 July 1827

Widowson's farm, Quamby Bluff/Laycock Falls (Liffey Falls), TAS

1 July 1827

Walker's farm, Quamby Bluff/Laycock Falls (Liffey Falls), TAS

1 Sept 1827–30 March 1828

Tasmania, Settled Districts 

12 September 1827

GC Clark's farm, Launceston, TAS

October 1827

Green Ponds (Kempton), 10 kms south-east of Bothwell, TAS

24 October 1827

Presnell's farm, St Peter's Pass near Oatlands, TAS

27 October 1827

Andrew Birrell's station, Tamar River, 22 kms south of Launceston, TAS

November 1827

Western Marshes, TAS

10 November 1827

Littleton's and Bryan's stations, Western River, at Glenmore (Long Swamp), TAS

10 November 1827

Lawrence's farm, Lake River, 10 kms south-east of Poatina, TAS

17 November 1827

Eastern Marshes, TAS

17 November 1827

Amos's farm, Oyster Bay, TAS

20 November 1827

Settled Districts, TAS

About 22 November 1827

Meander River, TAS

About 22 November 1827

Western Lagoon near Brumby Creek, TAS

22 November 1827

Richard Dry's farm, Western River, TAS

24 November 1827

Guilder's farm, Black Wall, West Tamar River near Launceston, TAS

24 November 1827

A Thompson's farm, West Tamar River 5 miles (c. 8 kms) from Launceston, TAS

December 1827

Junction of Brumby Creek and Lake River, TAS

December 1827

Cape Grim, north-west Tasmania

December 1827

Dairy Plains on road from Launceston to Circular Head, TAS

December 1827

Ritchie's Hut, Meander River, TAS

December 1827

Sorell Valley headwaters, TAS

15 December 1827

Eastern Midland Plain, TAS

16 December 1827

South Esk River 4 miles (c. 6.4 kms) from Launceston, TAS


James Triffet's station, Bothwell district, TAS


Kemp's station, Lake Sorell, north-west of Oatlands, TAS

January 1828

Cape Grim, north-west Tasmania

February 1828

Bagdad, 15 kms north of Bridgewater, TAS

9 February 1828

Cape Grim, north-west Tasmania

16 February 1828

On the road at Constitution Hill, 20 kms north of Bridgewater, TAS

March 1828

Macquarie River, Eastern Midland Plain, TAS

4 March 1828

Miles Opening, on the Aboriginal road between Bothwell and Jericho, TAS

4 March 1828

John Franks's farm at Quoin Hill, 20 kms north of Bridgewater, TAS

5 March 1828

Report of attack at Jordan Lagoon, TAS

13 March 1828

Staynes and Troy's station, Elizabeth River near Campbell Town, TAS

15 March 1828

Home's (Holmes's?) station, 26 kms south of Campbell Town near Ross, TAS

19 March 1828

Bullock Hunting Ground, Tamar River, TAS

20 March 1828

Hill's farm, 26 kms south of Campbell Town near Ross, TAS

20–24 March 1828

Prensell's farm, at Black Brush or Ross Bridge, south of Campbell Town, TAS

30 March 1828

Robertson's farm, Elizabeth River near Campbell Town, TAS

April 1828

Elizabeth River, Eastern Tiers, TAS

11 April 1828

Giles Cotterell's farm, Macquarie River near Cressy, TAS

15 April 1828

Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) officially divided into Settled and Unsettled Districts

July 1828

Eastern Tiers, TAS

27 July 1828

Coulston's station, Dilston, East Tamar River, 15 kms n-w of Launceston, TAS

July–October 1828

Oatlands area, TAS

27 August 1828

George Kemp's farm, Lake Sorell, TAS

September 1828

Burghley [Park?], TAS

6 September 1828

Wilkinson's farm, Swanport (Little Swanport), 20 kms north of Triabunna, TAS

12 September 1828

Kitty's Corner, TAS

21 September 1828

John Stacey's farm, Birchall's Bottom, Sorell, 20 kms north-east of Hobart, TAS

October 1828

James Triffet's station, Bothwell district, TAS

9 October 1828

Patrick Gough's farm, Big Lagoon, Oatlands, TAS

20 October 1828

Green Ponds (Kempton), TAS

20 October 1828

Thomas "Landford's" farm, Green Ponds (Kempton) north of Oatlands, TAS

25 October 1828

Captain Glover's farm, Second Sandspit, Maria Island, TAS

29 October 1828

Gordon's farm, Bream Creek near Carlton, 20 kms east-south east of Sorell, TAS

1 November 1828

Martial Law Proclaimed in Settled Districts, Tasmania

November 1828

Ritchies' farm, Western River, TAS

9–10 November 1828

Jerusalem (Colebrook), 20 kms north of Sorell, TAS

1 December 1828

Adam Woods' farm, Magills Marsh (McGills Marsh), Eastern Marshes, TAS

4 December 1828

Earls's farm, Woodlands Lagoon, Eastern Marshes, TAS

6 December 1828

Tooms Lake, source of the Macquarie River, mountains Eastern Tasmania, TAS

7 December 1828

Cowie farm, Break O'Day Plains, 10 kms south-west of St Marys, TAS

7 December 1828

Talbot's farm, Break O'Day Plains, 10 kms south-west of St Marys, TAS

13 December 1828

Michael and Henry Jones's farm, Sideling Hill, Black Marsh, TAS

27 December 1828

Meredith farm, Swanport, 20 kms north-east of Triabunna, TAS

13 December 1828

Sugar Loaf Hill, Black Marsh, TAS


Clyde River (River Clyde) near Den Hill, TAS


Regent Plains (Regents Plain), TAS


David Williams's farm (location not given), TAS

January 1829

Break O'Day Plains, TAS

January 1829

St Paul's River, south of Bothwell, TAS

January 1829

South of Bothwell, TAS

16–30 January 1839

Meredith Allen's farm, Swanport, 20 kms north-east of Triabunna, TAS; Lyne, TAS

17 January 1829

Bothwell, TAS

January–March 1829

East coast Tasmania

18 February 1829

Pleasant Hills near Beaconsfield, western side Tamar River, TAS

February/March 1829

Cruttenden's farm, Carlton, 10 kms south-east of Sorell, TAS

March 1829

Richmond, Coal River, TAS

12 March 1829

McGee's station, Piper River, 20 kms east of Georgetown, TAS

13–17 March 1829

North Esk River near Launceston, TAS

March 1829

Cataract Gorge, 15 minutes' walk from the centre of Launceston, TAS

28 March 1829

Jones and Ouse Rivers, TAS

4 April 1829

Major Gray's farm, St Paul's Plains, 30 kms north-west of Campbell Town, TAS

2 May 1829

White Marsh, Bushy Plains near Pittwater, TAS

13 May 1829

Mary Smith's farm, St Paul's Plains, 30 kms north-west of Campbell Town, TAS

10 June 1829

South Esk River, about 3 miles (c. 4.8 kms) from Kearney's grant, TAS

June 1829

Pittwater, TAS

6–7 June 1829

R Dodge's farm, Carlton, 10 kms south-east of Sorell, TAS

12 June 1829

Downs's station, Pittwater, TAS

9–14 August 1829

Jerusalem (Colebrook) and Coal River north of Sorell, TAS

10 August 1829

Brown Mount, Kangaroo River, 20 kms north of Sorell, TAS

21 August 1829

Van Diemen's Land (VDL) Co., Emu Bay (Burnie), TAS

23 August 1829

Dodge's Station, Carlton, 10 kms south of Sorell, TAS

25 August 1829

Harte's station, Little Swanport, 20 kms south of Triabunna, TAS

1 September 1829

East of Ben Lomond, TAS

9 September 1829

Espie's farm, Bashan Plains, c. 90 kms north-northwest of Hobart, TAS

14 September 1829 

Bayles' or Bailey's farm, Macquarie River, 20 kms north-east of Oatlands, TAS

18 September 1829

Thomas Coffin's station, Sorell, TAS

October 1829

Clyde and Ouse Rivers, TAS

October 1829

Stokell's farm, Brown Mount, Jerusalem (Colebrook), TAS

7 October 1829

Jamison's and Triffet's farm, Maguires Marsh, Ouse River, TAS

1 November 1829

Nicholas Newport's farm, Lower Clyde, TAS

1 November 1829

Dixon's farm, Green Valley, TAS

6 November 1829

Lieutenant Fry's farm, Deep Gully, New Norfolk, TAS

Before 1830

Major Grey's farm, Avoca, 50 kms south-east of Launceston, TAS

Before 1830

Captain Wood's station, The Lakes, 45 kms north-west of Bothwell, TAS

Before 1830

Haasts's station, Great Twaid Port (Great Swanport? -- Swansea?), TAS


Talbot's farm, Break O'Day, 10 kms from St Marys, TAS

February 1830

Clyde/Ouse Rivers, TAS

9 February 1830

F Bell's farm, Black Marsh, Ouse River, TAS

11 February 1830

Great Jordan Lagoon, TAS

11 February 1830

Reed's farm, Clyde, near Bothwell, TAS

17 February 1830

Poole's farm, Green Ponds (Kempton), TAS

21 February 1830

Plaistowe's farm, Constitution Hill, 20 kms north of Bridgewater, TAS

March 1830

Nairne's farm, Jerusalem (Colebrook), TAS

10 March 1830

Clyde River (River Clyde), TAS

14–20 March 1830

W Gee's farm, Pipers River, 20 kms north of Launceston, TAS

18 April 1830

ML Smith's farm, Whiteford Hills, Meander River, 20 kms south of Oatlands, TAS

21 April 1830

Nairne's farm, Coal River, Jerusalem (Colebrook), 54 kms from Hobart, TAS

23 April 1830

Addey's farm, Little Swanport River, 20 kms south of Triabunna, TAS

23 May 1830

D Lord's farm, Sam the Butcher Marsh, Eastern Marshes near Campbell Town, TAS

June 1830

Olding's farm, Prossers Plains, 20 kms south-west of Triabunna, TAS

10 June 1830

Captain Wood's farm, south of Regents Plain, Lake River and Cressy, TAS

4 August 1830

Howell's farm, Shannon, south of Great Lake, TAS

22–27 August 1830

Clyde River (River), TAS

22–27 August 1830

James Hooper's farm, Black Marsh, TAS

8 September 1830

Meredith's farm, Boomer Creek, Oyster Bay, TAS

10 September 1830

Swan Bay, West Tamar River, north of Launceston, TAS

21 September 1830

Thomas Gee's farm, Pipers River, 20 kms north of Launceston, TAS

24 September 1830

Major Gray's farm, Blackman's Corners, north-east of Campbell Town, TAS

30 September 1830

George Scott's farm, Mt Morrison station, Macquarie River, TAS

1 October 1830

The Black Line: Martial Law extended across Tasmania

7 October–30 November 1830

Settled Districts of Tasmania

16 October 1830

Stacey's farm, Sorell, 20 kms north of Hobart, TAS

17 October 1830

Gilder's farm, Stoney Creek, Tamar River, north-west of Launceston, TAS

22–28 October 1830

Butler's station, Retreat/Westbury, 10 kms north-northwest of Lillydale, TAS

16 November 1830

Captain Wright's farm, north bank of the south Esk River, north of Fingal, TAS


Launceston, TAS

27–29 January 1831

Patrick McCasker's farm, Dairy Plains, Southern Tier Retreat, TAS

20 March 1831

WE Lawrence's farm, Lake River, 10 kms east of Poatina, TAS

9 May 1831

Kemp's Station, Lake Sorell, 25 kms north-west of Oatlands, TAS

5–6 June 1831

Evans' and Bell's farm, Native Hut Creek, Ouse River, TAS

31 August 1831

BB Thomas's farm North Down (Northdown), 10 kms east of Devonport, TAS

December 1830–February 1835

Conflicts over the whole of Tasmania

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