Northern Territory (NT)

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(Includes stories about massacres and other events in local languages). An example of collaboration between anthropologists and First Peoples to bring the truth of history to light).

Coniston: one of the greatest injustices of contact history [videorecording] about the massacre at Coniston Station in 1928. A film by David Batty and Francis Jupurruria Kelly, c. 2012. Produced with the assistance of the Indigenous Department of Screen Australia; in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and with the assistance of Screen Territory. Dialogue in Walpiri with English subtitles.

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Wikipedia, entry on Coniston Massacre:, accessed 31 May 2023. The “Coniston Massacre” was a series of incidents and reprisals that took place in the Northern Territory in 1928. While “Coniston” is often referred to as the most recent massacre of First Nations people in Australia, there have been other conflicts between colonists, their descendants and First Nations (documented and undocumented), that have occurred on Australian soil since 1928. This website includes some known frontier conflicts beyond 1928.


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