Queensland colonial history

After the (failed) referendum dust settles

2024-04-05T12:32:35+11:00April 5th, 2024|

Peter Smith, 'After the (failed) referendum dust settles,' Pearls and Irritations, 19 March 2024: https://johnmenadue.com/after-the-failed-referendum-dust-settles/  

‘Enabler’ of massacres: the push to change name of Griffith University

2022-06-05T13:45:28+10:00June 5th, 2022|

Badtjala artist and academic, Fiona Foley, is calling for the name of Griffith University to be changed. The university, located in Queensland was named after Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, Australia's first high court justice and an author of the Australian Constitution. Sir Samuel Griffith was an attorney-general or Queensland [...]

Elder overjoyed at Darumbal massacre site handback

2022-04-24T14:49:11+10:00April 24th, 2022|

https://nit.com.au/aunty-sallys-joy-as-massacre-site-handed-back-to-darumbal-people/ Also have a look at the earlier post on this website today, 24 April 2022, about the handover of control of this reserve to the Darumbul people.

McAvoy advocates for truth commissions, treaties with First Peoples

2022-10-05T14:41:47+11:00November 13th, 2021|

Barrister Tony McAvoy SC advocates for truth commissions and treaties with First Peoples.in his 2021 Dr Charles Perkins oration.  In recent years, encouraging the broader Australian public to take an interest in Indigenous Affairs has proven both difficult and problematic, as it is commonly punctuated by calls for Aboriginal [...]

Did the founding father of AFL take part in mass murder?

2021-11-09T17:35:27+11:00November 9th, 2021|

In a recent article, Russell Jackson, delves into whether there is any truth in an 1895 Chicago Tribune story about the involvement of a pioneer of Australian Rules Football, Tom Wills, in reprisals after the 1861 Cullin-la-ringo massacre.  Jackson's story: "Experts add weight to discovery that sporting hero Tom [...]

New short video on Tully/Innisfail massacres

2023-09-20T10:18:38+10:00October 4th, 2018|

Tully Falls, Queensland UNESCO World Heritage listed Wet Tropics, Far North Queensland, Australia. Photo: Wikipedia       Australian Terrorism, by Stanley Lenoy, of Stan Lenoy Films, published in September 2018 was a short video about massacres that occurred in the Tully/Innifail region of colonial Queensland. The video included [...]

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