Tully Falls, Queensland UNESCO World Heritage listed Wet Tropics, Far North Queensland, Australia.
Photo: Wikipedia

Australian Terrorism, by Stanley Lenoy, of Stan Lenoy Films, published in September 2018 is a short video about massacres that occurred in the Tully/Innifail region of colonial Queensland. The video includes excerpts from four hours of interviews recorded with Dr Ernie Grant, Jirrbal/Girramay Elder, in December 2017. Dr Grant talks about the killings of Aboriginal people in the Tully/Innisfail region of Queensland in the mid-1800s to the early 20th century. The title of Stan Lenoy’s video, Australian Terrorism,  is taken from Danish man Thorvald Weitmeyer’s book, Missing Friends, after a visit to the Herbert River Police Camp, in 1892. After the visit he wrote: “It is the duty of this official with the assistance of his troopers, to fill the Aborigines with terror and to use such means to that end as his own judgement may dictate.” (Quote from Jonathan Richards, The Secret War: A True History of Queensland’s Native Police, UQP, 2008, p. 40). In the Lenoy video, Dr Grant mentions Kirrama Station, Mission Beach (where today’s Jumbun Aboriginal Community is located) and Tully Falls as sites of conflict between colonists and Aboriginal people who were often killed ruthlessly. You can view Australian Terrorism here: https://vimeo.com/286623629