Call for Marion Bay, Tasmania to be renamed 250 years after first encounter between Europeans and Tasmanian Aboriginal people

2022-03-07T14:13:15+11:00March 7th, 2022|

Two hundred and fifty years ago, on 7 March 1772, a First Nations man was killed in Tasmania'a south-east during a violent encounter between Europeans and Aboriginal people. Marion Bay, named after the French explorer, Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, the first European to encounter Tasmanian Aboriginal people when he landed at [...]

Sovereignty: 50 Years of the Tent Embassy

2022-02-10T16:56:47+11:00February 10th, 2022|

Dan Bourchier, ABC News, Canberra, traces the 50 years of history and continuing relevance of Canberra's Aboriginal Embassy: 50th Anniversary Tent, Aboriginal Embassy, lawns opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia, 26 January 2022. Photo: Jane Morrison

Invasion Day 2022–still divisive

2022-02-02T15:29:13+11:00February 2nd, 2022|

"Australia Day" continues to be devisive–some for it, some against Protest March, Canberra ACT, Australia, 26 January 2022. Photo: Jane Morrison As elsewhere in Australia, the pain of 26 January was felt strongly in Tasmania as images of departed ancestors such as Mannarlargenna, William Lanne, and Fanny [...]

50th anniversary of the Aboriginal Embassy celebrated

2022-01-26T20:31:36+11:00January 26th, 2022|

Aboriginal Embassy, 50th Anniversary March, Canberra 26 January 2022. Photo: Jane Morrison.  This march began from the National Film and Sound Archive, in the precinct of the Australian National University, where the July 1972 protest marches, supporting Aboriginal land rights, sovereignty and the Aboriginal Embassy, started. The above photograph was taken [...]

Ghillar Michael Anderson recalls the first Aboriginal Embassy

2022-01-25T15:02:35+11:00January 25th, 2022|

Sally Pryor of The Canberra Times interviews Ghillar Michael Anderson about his memories of setting up the Aboriginal Embassy on the lawns opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra on 26 January 1972:  (Story The Canberra Times 8 January 2022) Mr Anderson won't be deterred by recent efforts to derail [...]

Aboriginal Embassy still a potent celebration of protest

2022-01-25T14:07:56+11:00January 25th, 2022|

The Aboriginal Embassy was set up 50 years ago under a beach umbrella opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia on 26 January 1972. The Embassy remains a stark reminder of the treat of First Nations peoples and of Australian history. From left: Ghillar Michael Anderson, Billie Craigie, Bert Williams, [...]

Aboriginal Embassy a ‘stroke of Genius’

2022-01-25T13:47:28+11:00January 25th, 2022|

The Aboriginal Embassy, Canberra, 26 January 2021. Invasion/Survival Day 26 January 2022 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Aboriginal Embassy on the lawns opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra on 26 January 1972. Photo: Jane Morrison Green Left spoke to Gumainggir activist and historian Professor Gary [...]

How the kidnapping of a First Nations man on New Year’s Eve in 1788 may have led to a smallpox epidemic

2022-01-25T12:45:16+11:00January 25th, 2022|

The Conversation, 11 January 2022: Captains Hunter, Collins & Johnston with Governor Phillip, Surgeon White &c. visiting a distressed female native of New South Wales at a hut near Port Jackson 1793, National Library of Australia [nla.pic-an789041]

How four men with a beach umbrella made history in the battle for Aboriginal sovereignty

2022-01-15T12:52:52+11:00January 15th, 2022|

The "Founding Four" under a beach umbrella 26 January 1972 Story on how the Aboriginal Embassy was set up on the lawns opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia  by Jannetta Quinn-Bates for IndigenousX, 14 January 2022: Read more history of the Aboriginal Embassy on [...]

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