Military historian, Professor Peter Stanley of the University of New South Wales, Canberra writes in Pearls and Irritations, 19 July 2023 about why the Australian War Memorial does not wish to include the part the Native Mounted Police played in Australia’s frontier conflict:

A very useful book about the Native Police is Jonathan Richard’s The Secret War: A True History of Queensland’s Native Police, University of Queensland Press, 2008 included in the Bibliography on the Australian Frontier Conflicts website.

See links to more research about the Native Mounted Police referred to on this website:

The Native Mounted Police–Frontier Conflict and the Old Native Mounted Police Showcase, 16 December 2019
This is a summary of the Frontier Conflict and the Native Mounted Police in Queensland public research database, available via This database contains archival, oral historical and archaeological (site and artefact level) data relating to the lives and activities of the Native Mounted Police in Qld from 1848 until 1904. Watch the video about the database:

The Queensland Native Mounted Police Research Database: Frontier Conflict and the Native Mounted Police in Queensland, Heather Burke and Lynley Wallis, 2019
This database grew out of The Archaeology of the Queensland Native Mounted Police that was a joint Australian Research Council Discovery Project conducted from 2016–2020. Project researchers were from Flinders University, the University of Southern Queensland, the University of Notre Dame Australia, the University of New England, and James Cook University, Queensland.
Access to the database (you need to register) and more about The Queensland Native Mounted Police Research Database is available at: