Lidia Thorpe

First Aboriginal woman MP speaks of genocide, lingering disadvantage

2017-12-01T03:58:21+11:00November 30th, 2017|

Aboriginal people have never ceded their Sovereignty, but have experienced genocide and continue to the suffer the effects of dispossession. While the gap is closing between the wider Victorian society and Aboriginal communities in high school completion, kindergarten participation and decreasing infant mortality, Aboriginal people continue to suffer the effects [...]

New Greens MP Lidia Thorpe’s long road from Nowa Nowa to Northcote

2017-12-01T04:00:56+11:00November 30th, 2017|

Lidia Thorpe speaking on the second day of a two-day National Gathering, held at the Aboriginal Embassy, Canberra, Australia on 4 and 5 November 2017 - Photo by Jane Morrison Activist Lidia Thorpe is the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Victorian Parliament and the Greens [...]

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