(Image: Courtesy, Meredith Walker)

Dundalli was an Aboriginal warrior who fought to protect his people and country from European invasion. On the anniversary of Dundalli’s public hanging on 5 January 1855, a remembrance service, led by Bishop Jeremy Greaves, will be held at St Mark’s Buderim, Queensland at 2.00 pm on 5 January 2018. Libby Connors, who wrote a book about Dundalli’s life, Warrior: A Legendary Leader’s Dramatic Life and Violent Death on the Colonial Frontier, will give the address.

The service will be followed by afternoon tea at the Green House, 168 Lindsay Road, Buderim and the opening of the Frontier Wars Installation in the Memorial Garden, Buderim Forest Nature Refuge. Read more about the Remembering Frontier Wars Installation at: https://www.pressreader.com/australia/sunshine-coast-daily/20171230/281646780515968