The “Founding Four” under a beach umbrella 26 January 1972

Story on how the Aboriginal Embassy was set up on the lawns opposite Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia  by Jannetta Quinn-Bates for IndigenousX,
14 January 2022:

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Wiradjuri activist, artist, poet, playwright, and printmaker Gilbert was one of the First Nations people who were behind the establishment of the Aboriginal Embassy:

John Newfong, ‘The Aboriginal Embassy: Its purpose and aims’, Identity, July 1972, pp. 4–6 on goorieweb:

National Museum of Australia: Aboriginal Embassy, 1972:

Scott Robinson, ‘The Aboriginal Embassy: An Account of the Protests of 1972’, Aboriginal History, 1994, 18:1, pp. 49–63:

‘A short history of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy–an incredible reminder of unceded sovereignty’, The Conversation, 13 January 2022:

Aleisha Orr, ‘Today’s Aboriginal Tent Embassy movement must move with the times,’
National Indigenous Times, 12 January 2022:

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