Blak Cook Book: New Cultural Perspectives on Cook’s Cottageby Dr Clare Land, Dr Paola Balla and Kate Golding, is a new book on the legacy of Captain James Cook and Cook’s Cottage from First Nations’ perspectives. Cook’s Cottage, in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens, was built in Yorkshire, England in 1755 by James Cook’s parents. The cottage was shipped to Melbourne brick by brick to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the colonisation of Victoria. But James Cook never lived in the house. Melbourne City Council commissioned the publication as part of its commitment to the truth-telling process in the City of Melbourne’s reconciliation action plan. Read more in Jewel Topsfield’s article ‘Committed to truth-telling’: Council gives voice to Indigenous views on Cook’s cottage, The Age, 26 May 2021:

Read more about First Nations Perspectives of Cook’s Voyages and Cook’s Cottage on the City of Melbourne’s website:

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