Memorials and Monuments – Australian frontier conflicts

Although there are some memorials to conflicts that took place on the Australian frontier and to the people who were involved in them, the majority of the people involved and the places where confrontations, killings and massacres took place are not recognised. Compared to the many memorials across the country, dedicated to the fallen in wars in which Australians have participated overseas, the lack of frontier conflict memorials is a very sad indictment of the level of knowledge understanding and compassion of governments and Australians generally about, and for, the people who gave their lives on the Australian frontier. Below are links to websites relating to memorials and monuments, in Australian States and Territories, to some known conflicts between colonists and Australia’s First Peoples. This list, that was first created in 2015, is being expanded as more information becomes available.  Please let us know about any memorials or monuments, already existing or proposed, that are not included in the list below. Please also let us know of any broken links via our online email contact facility.

WARNING: This website and links to other sources, contain images, names, or voices, of deceased people in text, etchings, photographs, film, audio recordings, news media, paintings and printed material.



The Aboriginal Memorial (Poles Memorial)

National Gallery of Australia
Parkes Place
Parkes, ACT

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Appin Massacre, Cataract Dam, NSW

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Battle of Richmond Hill monument

177 Grose Vale Road
St John of God Hospital
North Richmond, NSW

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Bluff Rock Massacre monument

New England Highway
Tenterfield, NSW

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Cameraygal People monument

Woodford Street
Woodford Bay
Longueville, NSW

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East Ballina Massacre site plaque and cross

Shelly Beach Road
East Ballina, NSW

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Hospital Creek Massacre monument

Hospital Creek, Goodooga Road, 15 kms from
Brewarrina, NSW

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Myall Creek Massacre Memorial

Myall Creek, Delungra Road, 20 km north of
Bingara, NSW

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Reconciliation Plaque

(Honouring Aboriginal and European people who gave their lives in Australian frontier conflicts)
Allyn River Road, Mount Razorback,
10.3 kms north-west of Gresford, NSW

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Windradyne’s Grave plaque

Brucedale, Suttor property
1361 Sofala Road
Bathurst, NSW

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Coniston Massacre monuments

Baxters Well
East of Willowra, NT

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Brooks Soak

Mount Denison Road
NW of Alice Springs, NT

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Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda & McColl memorial

Foyer, Supreme Court
9 Smith Street
Darwin, NT

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Stapleton & Franks Memorial

Barrow Creek Telegraph Station
Stuart Highway
Barrow Creek, NT

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Hornet Bank
Fraser Family Memorial

Hornet Bank Road
Hornet Bank Station
Taroom, QLD

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Battle Mountain (Mount Remarkable) memorial

Kalkadoon/Kalatunga Memorial
20 kms south-west of Kajabbi, QLD

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See also Lisanne Gibson and Joanna Besley 2004, Monumental Queensland: Signposts on a Cultural Landscape, University of Queensland Press at:,Queensland+monument&source=bl&ots=DYAef4Lkh1&sig=ifHHg2Y2RwK-GDpgApOxn8rdYYo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAmoVChMIl_LpgvbtxgIVCpiUCh1lLACY#v=onepage&q=Battle%20Mountain%2CQueensland%20monument&f=false

Jackey Jackey memorial plaque

Bamaga Airport
Bamaga, QLD

Link here: Lisanne Gibson and Joanna Besley 2004, Monumental Queensland: Signposts on a Cultural Landscape, University of Queensland Press at:,Queensland+monument&source=bl&ots=DYAef4Lkh1&sig=ifHHg2Y2RwK-GDpgApOxn8rdYYo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAmoVChMIl_LpgvbtxgIVCpiUCh1lLACY#v=onepage&q=Battle%20Mountain%2CQueensland%20monument&f=false

Mary Watson memorial

Charlotte Street
Cooktown, QLD

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Multuggerah memorial plaque

Duggan Park, Leslie Street
Toowoomba, QLD

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Wills Massacre Cairn

Lake Maraboon, Cullin La Ringo Road
Springsure, QLD

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Frank Hawson memorial

Kali Grove, Hawson Place,
Port Lincoln, SA

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Maria Massacre monument

Maria Monument
Apex Park, East Terrace
Kingston SE, SA

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Memorial plaque to Truganini, Bruny Island

Truganini is perhaps one of Australia's most famous Aboriginal people, at one time believed to be the last Tasmanian. Bruny Island, one of the small islands off Tasmania, has a memorial plaque to her. Truganini, Tunnerminnerwait's wife Planobeena, and Pyterruner, were tried in Melbourne, Victoria in late 1841 as accessories to the murders of two whalers at Cape Paterson, Victoria. They were found not guilty. Tasmanian warriors Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyhenner were condemned to death for the whalers' murders and hanged in Melbourne early in the morning of 20 January 1842. In December 2013 Melbourne City Council voted unanimously to erect a memorial in Melbourne to the men, once seen as common criminals rather than as freedom fighters defending their land and the very existence of their culture and nations. In 2016 a memorial to Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyhenner was designed following consultations with Victorian and Tasmanian Aboriginal communities. One newspaper article summarises their story and how they were not allowed to give evidence in court. Read more at


Aboriginal Massacres memorial stone

Bank Street
Port Fairy, VIC

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Aborigines of Port Phillip monument

Information Centre, First Settlement Site
Port Nepean Road & Leggatt Way
Sorrento, VIC

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Battle of Yering monument

Yarra Flats Billabongs
Melba Highway
Yarra Glen, VIC

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Dan ‘the Cook’ Dempsey memorial stone

Orbost, VIC

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Faithfull Massacre memorial

Kent Street
Lake Benalla
Benalla, VIC

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Konongwootong Quiet Place

Konongwootong Reservoir
Konongwootong, about 11 km north of Coleraine, VIC

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Massacre Hill memorial

5 kilometres west of Peterborough, VIC

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Mount Dispersion Cairn

Mount Dispersion
Tapaulin Mail Route Road
Midway between Mildura and Robinvale, VIC

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Mount Dispersion Plaque

Aboriginal Keeping Place Museum
Shepparton, VIC

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Memorial to Maulboyhenner and Tunnerminnerwait, Melbourne

As mentioned above, the Melbourne City Council unanimously voted for a memorial to Tasmanians Maulboyhenner and Tunnerminnerwait. The memorial has been designed. A date is yet to be announced for its dedication (2016).


Butterabby Graves

Mingenew Road, 15km S of
Mullewa, WA

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Chipper’s Leap monument

Padbury Road, Greenmount Hill
Greenmount, WA

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Flying Foam Massacre monument

Burrup Peninsula
Dampier, WA

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Injudinah Massacre plaque

Explorers Memorial
The Esplanade
Fremantle, WA

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Kakenarup Memorial
15 kms from Ravensthorpe

Memorial to those who died around Cocanarup in the early years of colonisation.

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Michael Tobin grave
Canning Stock Route near Well 40,
Tobin Lake

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Mistake Creek Massacre monument
Warmun (Turkey Creek), WA

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Mowla Bluff Massacre monument

Geegully Creek
Mowla Bluff, WA

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Peter Chidlow and Edward Jones memorial tablet

Gillet Road and Buckland Street
Northam, WA

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Battle of Pinjarra Memorial Park

McLarty Road
Pinjarra, WA

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Sturt Creek massacre site memorial

Kimberleys, Western Australia
Link here to story about the Sturt Creek massacre and the memorial descendants erected in 2011:

Yagan Memorial Park

West Swan Road and Great Northern Highway
Belhus, WA

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First compiled by Jane Morrison July–August 2015, updated 25 July 2016, 24 October 2016,
7 November 2017