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Australian Frontier Conflicts
Journal Articles

Listed below, by author, are some journal articles relating to conflict on the Australian frontier. This list is updated from time to time. Check the National Library of Australia’s Trove database at for availability online and in hard copy. You can find more written resources on Australian frontier conflicts under Bibliography.

Banivanua Mar, Tracey, ‘Settler-colonial landscapes and narratives of possession’, Arena Journal, no. 37/38, 2012, pp. [176]–198. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015. The paper refers to Kalkadoon/Mitakoodi, Queensland massacre history.

Barker, Bryce, ‘Massacre, Frontier Conflict and Australian Archaeology’, Australian Archaeology, No. 64, 2007, pp. 9–14

Clark, Ian D, ‘The Convincing Ground Aboriginal massacre at Portland Bay, Victoria: fact or fiction?’, Aboriginal History, Vol. 35, 2011, pp. 79–109 at:,+2011/7171/Text/G04%20Clark.html, accessed on 9 April 2015

Clements, Nick, ‘“Army of sufferers”: the experience of Tasmania’s black line’, Journal of Australian Studies, Vol. 37 No. 1 (March 2013), pp. 19–33. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Collins, Patrick J, ‘Richard, Frederick and Robert: Three Militant Walkers on the Maranoa Frontier’, Queensland History Journal, Vol. 20, No.10, (May 2009), pp. 457–519

Connor, Michael, ‘Convincing Ground: a history’, Quadrant online, 23 March 2009 at:, accessed on 9 April 2015 (An alternative view of the historical evidence relating to the Convincing Ground massacre).

Connors, Libby, ‘Witness to frontier violence: an Aboriginal boy before the Supreme Court’, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 42, No. 2 (June 2001), pp. 230–243. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Daley, Paul, ‘Restless Indigenous Remains’, Meanjin, 8 September 2014 at, accessed on 8 September 2014

Finnane, Mark and Jonathan Richards, ‘“You’ll get nothing out of it”? The Inquest, Police and Aboriginal Deaths in Colonial Queensland’, Australian Historical Studies No. 123, April 2004, pp. 84–105, available at

Foster, Robert, ‘Don’t mention the war: frontier violence and the language of concealment’, History Australia, Vol. 6, No. 3 (December 2009), pp. 68.1–68.15. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Gardner, Peter, ‘Some Notes on Tribal Warfare and An Event at Tambo Crossing’, Gippsland Heritage Journal, No. 19, (March 1996), pp. 49–51

Grant, Lachlan, ‘“The Fighting Gunditjmara”––Indigenous people have fought for country and for nation, from frontier wars to world wars’, Wartime: Official Magazine of the Australian War Memorial, Issue 76, Spring 2016, pp. 18–24 downloadable at

Green, Neville, ‘Dilemmas, dramas and damnation in contested history’, Studies in Australian History, No. 23, 2010, pp. [203]–214. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015. Reviews the evidence for the Forrest River massacre in Western Australia.

Hodges, Flavia, ‘Language Planning and Placenaming in Australia’, Current Issues in Language Planning, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2007, pp. 383–403

Kelly, Roma and Nicholas Evans, ‘The McKenze [sic]massacre on Bentink Island’, Aboriginal History, Volume 9, 1985, pp. 44–52. Abstract at:;dn=057625501124643;res=IELIND, accessed on 9 April 2015

Kerkhove, Ray, ‘A different mode of war? Aboriginal “guerilla tactics” in defining the “Black War” of Southern Queensland 1843–1855’. Paper presented at the AHA Conference, University of Queensland, Brisbane July 2014. Copy available at:

Kerkhove, Ray, ‘Barriers and Bastions: Fortified Frontiers and white and black tactics’, paper presented at ‘Our Shared History: resistance and reconciliation’, Central Queensland University seminar, Noosa, Queensland, 11 June 2015, available at:

Kerkhove, Ray, ‘Tribal alliances with broader agendas? Aboriginal resistance in southern Queensland’s “Black War”’, Cosmopolitan and Civil Societies, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2014, University of Technology, Sydney

Laurie, Arthur, ‘The Black War in Queensland’, read before the Meeting of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, 23 October 1958

Lendrum, SD, ‘The “Coorong Massacre”: Martial Law and the Aborigines at First Settlement’, Adelaide Law Review, 6, 1977, pp. 26–43. A link to the paper is at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Litster, Mirani and Lynley A Wallis, ‘Looking for the proverbial needle? The archaeology of Australian frontier massacres’, Archaeology in Oceania, Vol. 46, No. 3, (October 2011), pp. 105–117. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Lydon, Jane, ‘“no moral doubt …”: Aboriginal evidence and the Kangaroo Creek poisoning, 1847–1849’, Aboriginal History, 20, 1996, pp. 151–175 at

Mackenzie-Smith, John, ‘The Kilcoy poisonings revisited’, Queensland History Journal, Vol. 20, No. 11, (August 2009), pp. 593–605. Availability:;dn=200909223;res=IELAPA ISSN: 1836-5477. [cited 05 Jan 18].

Manera, Brad, Review of John Connor, The Australian frontier wars 1788–1838, University of New South Wales Press, Sydney, 2002, Journal of the Australian War Memorial [ND] at:, accessed on 24 August 2016

Mear, Craig, ‘The origin of the smallpox outbreak in Sydney 1789’, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. 94, Part 1, June 2008, pp. 1–22, available on the Treaty Republic website at, accessed on 13 February 2017

Milne, Edmund, ‘War on the Bogan frontier’, The Lone Hand, v. 7, no. 7, 1 June 1917, pp. 339–341 at accessed on 27 June 2017

Nettelbeck, Amanda, ‘Writing and remembering frontier conflict: the rule of law in 1880s central Australia’, Aboriginal History, Vol. 28, 2004, pp. 190–206 at:, accessed on 2 April 2017

Newbury, Paul, ‘My family connection to Aboriginal genocide’, Eureka Street, Vol. 23 No. 8, 29 April 2013 at:, accessed on 6 August 2016

Niewøjt, Lawrence, ‘The massacre of the Gadubanud at Aire River’, Victorian Historical Journal, Vol. 81, No. 2 (November 2010), pp. 193–213. Abstract at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Read, Peter, ‘Murder, Revenge and Reconciliation on the North Eastern Frontier’, History Australia, Vol, 4, No. 1, 2007, Monash University Press, pp. 0.91–09.15. A copy of this article is available via, accessed on 9 April 2015

Refshauge, WF, ‘The swivel gun massacre’, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 57, No. 1, (April 2010), pp. 40–44

Roberts, Tony, ‘The brutal truth: what happened in the Gulf Country’, The Monthly, (November 2009), pp. 15–17. A link to the article is at:, accessed on 9 April 2015. Describes massacres in the Gulf Country of the Northern Territory.

Ryan, Lyndall, ‘Settler massacres on the Port Phillip frontier, 1836–1851’, Journal of Australian Studies, Vo. 34, No. 3 (September 2010), pp. 257–273. A description of the article is at:;jsessionid=6EB57A37552233D4E4ADC08A97B6855D?f0=sm_subject%3A%22settlers%22, accessed on 9 April 2015

Ryan, Lyndall, ‘The Black Line in Van Diemen’s Land: success or failure?’, Journal of Australian Studies, Vol. 37, No. 1 (March 2013), pp. 3–18. A first page preview of the article is at:, accessed on 9 April 2015

Tedeschi, Mark, ‘Justice evaded, justice denied’, Inside History, (May–June 2014) pp. 40–45. A re-examination of the trials of those responsible for the 1838 Myall Creek massacre, New South Wales. Part 1 in a two-part series.

Tedeschi, Mark, ‘We remember them’, Inside History, (July–August 2014) pp. 46–51. Part 2 of a re-examination of the trial of those responsible for the 1838 Myall Creek massacre, New South Wales.

‘The History of the Native Mounted Police’, (reprinted with the permission of the Queensland Police Department), Generation, Quarterly Journal of the Geneaological Society of Queensland Inc., Vol. 10, No. 1, September 1987, pp. 7–12

Uhr, Frank, ‘The Raid of the Aborigines: brief overview and background to the poem’, Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 17, No. 12, (November 2001), pp. 559–561. Availability:;dn=200116747;res=IELAPA ISSN: 1447-1345. [cited 05 Jan 18].

Uhr, Frank, ‘September 12, 1843; The Battle of One Tree Hill–A turning point in the conquest of Moreton Bay’, Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 18, No. 6, May 2003, pp. 241–255. Availability:;dn=200305667;res=IELAPA ISSN: 1447-1345. [cited 05 Jan 18].


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